Maggie Lemak is currently based in Chicago, Illinois where she paints in her studio and works remotely as the Art / Creative Director and Curator for Bond & Grace, a Women-Owned Publishing and Art House. Maggie loves her job creating the Bond & Grace artist engagement strategy, curating the Bond & Grace Art collective, developing the art programming experience, & providing creative direction for coffee-table sized classic novel and art books such as the Frankenstein Art Novel™ and The Secret Garden Art Novel™.

Prior to creative direction, Maggie worked as an art consultant for both Artline Group and Wendover Art Group. These roles required the creation of custom artwork and accessories packages for commercial venues such as Hotel Chains, Boutique Hotels, Healthcare Communities, Hospitals, Multi-family Housing and Government Buildings. 
Maggie graduated with a BFA from the University of Michigan (U-M) Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design. During her studies, she worked as both a graphic designer and exhibit Designer. 
Maggie has spent several summers dedicated to sustainable innovations in the African nation of Gabon. Her travels have greatly influenced her work. In 2018, she received the Candy R. Wei Prize for "exemplary art influenced by international experience."

Maggie enjoys being barefoot. She hosts dinner parties, stretches canvases, writes poetry, and redecorates her home in her free time. 

M Y   C R E A T I V E   P H I L O S O P H Y:
Tailored creativity creates magic. 
As an Art Experience Director and Creative Strategist, I enjoy inspiring teams to think big and edit "to customer." It is only natural that as an abstract painter I'd feel comfortable leaning into the unknown and gathering a broad array of potential. Luckily, my ideation always comes rooted in serving the immediate goal as well as the larger mission. My background in commercial and residential art consulting, graphic design, and sales ground my creativity and enable me to take that "unknown" and form it into a linear, strategic, and feasible direction. I've found that any good pitch includes the appropriate next steps and my creative process is no exception.

I lead with design work rooted in storytelling, user experience, customer benefits, and emotional connection. I enjoy the puzzle of assigning elements to the appropriate skillsets. Communicating and engaging with creative partners fuels my campaigns and broadens the opportunity to infuse company-wide values.

I find that embedding feeling and heart into the expression of a company mission is a balance of analytical and spontaneous. All brand touch-points create opportunities for the subliminal transmission of concepts as complex as "respect" or as straightforward as "fresh."
Discerning where and when to employ visual cues creates the collective experience of a brand. I'm at my happiest when directing creative projects and finding ways to infuse hidden messages into a product or campaign. For example: Consider the cultural gender of certain fruits used as props in a photo shoot, the history or implication of a type of flower at an event, or the socio-economic ties to artifacts. Further, how do color relationships effect our feelings on a psychological level or how can the pacing of a video impact illicit emotional response? All of these analyses lead to distilled, better, results-oriented design.

My process of creative direction always involves digging into the "why" in order to optimize the "what." When we tailor and remove the unnecessary, we're able to more clearly capture and amplify the important. Therein lies the space for impact.

In a world of endless webs of creative potential, I flourish when I'm able to sort through the madness in order to discern which directions are most value engineered, brand-serving, and mission driven. Let's tailor creativity to shape intentional, impactful and inspiring works of beauty!