"In Chicana Fotos, an exhibit of evocative photographs taken in the 1970s, we meet a very different Nancy: a woman armed with a camera, capturing historic events in the struggles for social justice of the time. Nancy’s photographs of Chicano Movement marches and rallies, farmworker mobilizations in Chicago and Texas, and Latina organizing in the Midwest and internationally offer a priceless documentary view of Latina/o politics in the 1970s. Her more intimate pictures of everyday Latina/o life capture what it was like to live through a period of radical social transformation. The exhibit includes rare photographs of UFW organizing activities in Chicago, the Texas Farmworker Pilgrimage of 1977, and the first ever International Women’s Year Conference in Mexico City in 1975. These images are supplemented by never before exhibited documents from the Walter P. Reuther UFW Collection." 
 I helped design this exhibit through an Exhibition Design class from Fall of 2016 to Spring of 2017. The project took around 6 months to design, build and install. The final exhibit expresses themes of framing, vibrance, community, feminism, and the 1970s. Our class was responsible for designing the exhibit, fabricating what we designed, and helping to curate both the text, context, and organization of the provided content. We worked directly with the client and curator to create an exhibit that flattered the artist's work, captured her vibrant personally, and conveyed the complex themes behind the work - feminism in the 1970s and the importance of community. 

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