In this installation, I examine my place in the world of Gabon through an unscripted reflection on experiences that have changed my life. The sound piece, in a diary-esque format, questions the ethics of my trip to Gabon as well as highlights the way that Google maps and the internet can create a feeling of connection from great distances. Visually manic, obsessive, and unorganized, this mixed media snapshot of my experiences in Gabon provides a window into my disturbed thoughts. In this work, I hope to create a classroom that emulates my personal journal entries where I wrote about the things I was taught on my trip and the questions that arose from my interactions.

Things to look for: broken American frames, goats eating leftover food, drawings by Madungu, Madungu's shirt, an iPhone made of cardboard, Gabonese flag, hula hoop

Installation composed of drywall, video projection, audio, Gabon Monotype Prints, painted frames, found objects from Gabon, journal entries, marker, crayon 

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